tirupati guides

by tirupatiguides25

A visit to this  is the highlight of any trip to Tirupati. The mad rush, non-stop chanting, high security, heavily adorned idol and the compelling aura around the deity – everything about tirupati guides s simply alluring. Nothing more, nothing less. The Venkateshwara temple is a is a religious landmark and is thronged by masses of people perrenially. The temple is also referred to as the “Temple of seven hills” and is spread over a massive 26.75 sq.kms of area. Shri Venkateshwara temple is the wealthiest temple in the Indian subcontinent because of the number of donations offered every year. The temple provides food to the pilgrims, includes pilgrim lodging centers and hair tonsure buildings. To visit Tirupati Balaji, is finding tranquility among chaos.